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Setting Your Printing Preferences for Accounts Payable
Use the Print Options tab of the AP Module Preferences window to specify your printing preferences for Accounts Payable reports and checks. You can define default settings for all reports, including posting, and Immediate and Pay Bills check types. Select the check box in the Edit column to have the option to change these default settings every time you print. To learn more about printing reports, see Printing in Denali.
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Tips & Tricks: Saving Paperless Posting Reports
You can set up your preferences to save your posting files directly to your computer. Select File for the Posting Output Type, Text (*.txt) as the Export Format, and uncheck the check box in the Edit column. Enter the path to the location where you want to save the file in the Printer/File Name field. The posting report will save in this location with the posting date as the folder name and a file name of <Module Abbreviation>_<Batch Number> (in POS, Batch Number is replaced with Register Code). For example, the folder name could be 20171203 and the filename could be BR_AAAAQ.