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Importing Accounts from NeonCRM (Fund product only)
If you integrate with NeonCRM, you can import your accounts into Accounts Receivable. A new customer record will be created for each NeonCRM Account ID that doesn’t already match a Denali record. Accounts that match will be updated.
To import accounts into Accounts Receivable:
1 In Accounts Receivable, select Customer Accounts > Import Accounts from NeonCRM from the left navigation pane. The AR Import Accounts from NeonCRM window will open.
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2 If you defined a default AR Code in Module Preferences it will autofill in the AR Code field. You can change the AR Code here if necessary.
All accounts in this import that don’t already exist in Denali will have this AR Code, but you can change the Code in the AR Customers window. The AR Code on accounts that already have customer records in Denali will not be updated.
3 Click Begin Import to start importing accounts.
You can watch the progress of the import in the bottom left of the window. A message will appear when the import is complete.
NOTE: Not all address fields, phone numbers, and email addresses will import. If you intend to use any of this information (e.g., mailing labels) please review it in the AR Customers window.