These are the transaction history fields that are imported from QuickBooks® and the corresponding field names in Denali. Required fields are noted with an asterisk.
To import Sales transaction history, you must import GL transaction history and GL master accounts.
Here are a few items to note:
Because Last Cost does not export from QuickBooks your Profit Margin Report in Denali will not be accurate.
Because Base Price does not export from QuickBooks your Price Variance Report will not show variance.
Fixed Assets and Job Cost line items are imported as special order items.
Data is imported into the SA_HistoryHeader, SA_HistoryDetail, and SA_HistoryCloseout tables.
If the import is into Point of Sale, a fake posted register is imported into the SA_HistoryRegisterCode and SA_HistoryRegisterClosing tables.
Tax amounts are imported into the HistoryTax table.
QuickBooks Transaction History Export
Denali Field
*At least one level of subgroups containing a line type
Line types include stock items, parts, services, other charges, and discounts
*Trans #
Text; no size limit; if the value is “Sales Receipt”, it imports as a cash transaction; if the value is anything else, it imports as an AR Charge
Last modified by
User ID/Salesperson
6 characters
Transaction Date; UDF 5 default value; closeout deposit; return date
Date format
Invoice Number
50 characters; cannot be blank; if it’s not unique Denali will add lowercase letters to make it unique
Name Contact/Name Street 1/Name Street 2/Name City/ Name State/ Name ZIP
Billing Address
35 characters all fields
Name Phone #
Billing and Shipping phone number
50 characters
Name Fax #
Billing and Shipping Fax number
50 characters
Name E-Mail
Billing and Shipping email
255 characters
Customer, Customer Name
50 characters each field; these should match customers imported into AR
Trans. Detail Description
120 characters; if this field has text, it will be used instead of Item Description
Stock Number, IN Code
50 characters, imports into the strStock field; if the item was imported with Inventory, it will match the stock number and the IN Code will be included
Item Description
Trans. Detail Description
120 characters
Sales Tax Code
This sets the taxable flag and does not match Denali’s Tax Code; only “Non-Taxable Sales” are not taxable
Quantity Ordered, Quantity Shipped
Numeric; defaults to 1 if blank
*Sales Price
Unit Price
Extended Price, Transaction Subtotal, Transaction Total Payment
Numeric; this amount is compared to the opposing line in GL and if they don’t match a warning will be generated
Ship To Address 1/Ship To Address 2/Ship To City/Ship To State/Ship To ZIP
Shipping Address
35 characters all fields
* Required Fields
Published date: 06/04/2021