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After Converting to Denali
Now that the conversion process is complete, you can get started in Denali. We recommend you do the following before you continue setting up or begin entering new data in Denali:
Refer to Getting Started, the Integration Guide, and Release Notes to help you get started.
Redefine your credit card settings in Denali if you accept credit cards as tender for transactions.
Reset passwords for CMS User IDs and AR Clerk Codes or inform those using these passwords that they will now be all uppercase.
Define your printers in Denali if any were set up on the Print Options tab in Module Preferences.
Recreate any custom reports you created in Report Writer because they are not compatible with Crystal Reports, which is the reporting software used with Denali. Refer to the documentation available with Crystal Reports for assistance on creating custom reports.
Redefine custom report selections that were set up to open directly from certain report windows.