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GL Consolidate Ledgers window (Accounting product only)
If you maintain records for more than one company, you may find it beneficial to combine the account information contained in the general ledgers of each company into a single ledger. The Consolidate Ledgers feature combines the current balances of the selected companies’ accounts into a temporary holding table, which is then used to print General Ledger reports.
Caution: When you click the Consolidate button, the system combines the ledger information at that moment. If any transactions are posted to the accounts after this, the ledgers must be re-consolidated before you print new Consolidated General Ledger reports or the new information will not be reflected in the reports.
Exclude Company 
This side lists the installed companies that are not included in the consolidation. This is the default position for all companies until they are moved to the Include Company list box.
Include Company 
This list box reflects the companies that are included in the consolidation. Once you have run the consolidation for the first time, then the next time you select this option, the companies that were on each side the last time you consolidated will remain on their respective sides until you change them.
Move the companies between the two list boxes by selecting each company and clicking the > button (to include), < button (to exclude), or by double clicking the company name. All companies can be moved from one list box to the other by selecting either the >> button (to include all), or the << button (to exclude all).
NOTE: This consolidation must be rerun after any transactions are posted in order to run consolidated reports that reflect the new account activity.
Once you have specified which companies to include in and exclude from the consolidation, select this button. This will combine account information from the selected companies into a single temporary table that will then be used when running Consolidated General Ledger reports.
Published date: 03/18/2020