Print Codes window
Use this window to select the code(s) you want to print.
Print Current Code Only 
Select this check box if you only want to print the selected code. If you selected the Print button in a code window with a code in view, this check box is checked by default. If you clicked the Print button without selecting a code in the window, this check box is unchecked by default.
If a code is already selected, keep the default setting or use the Lookup to select a code to print. If a code is not selected, this field is only activated after you select the Print Current Code Only check box.
Starting and Ending Codes 
To use these fields, the Print Current Code Only check box must be unchecked. If you want to print more than one code, use the Lookup to select the starting and ending codes for the range you want to print.
Published date: 03/18/2020