Filter Ranges and Filter Methods
Fields are available to set beginning (Start) and ending (End) ranges to filter the information you will include in the reports or financial statements.
Methods for defining filter ranges are as follows:
Start/End: Start and End are the defaults for most of the filter boxes. If you accept the default of Start in the Start box and End in the End box, all values for that item are included in the report.
You can also type the criteria in the Start and End boxes. When you enter a specific criterion in the Start box, the End box will auto-fill with the same criterion.
In any box where your mouse pointer appears as a magnifying glass, you can double-click to open a Lookup from which you can select the entry. Highlight the desired item, then choose Select.
You can also apply additional filters using the Additional Filter box. These filters include any User-Defined Fields you set up (see ).
Another filtering method is based on the types of transactions available. For instance, you can choose to run a report that only includes invoices, receipts, or credit adjustments.
Published date: 04/08/2020