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Gift Card Tender window
Use this window to apply a gift card as tender during a sales transaction.
Gift Card #
Enter the gift card number by scanning or typing the bar code number.
Gift Card Amount
To tender the gift card for the transaction, enter the amount of the gift card to be tendered. The default entry will be the remaining amount of the transaction, but you can change it if the amount of the gift card being tendered is different from the amount due for the transaction. For instance, if the customer wants to make only a partial payment using the gift card, you can enter a lower amount.
In Point of Sale, if cash back has been allowed in the Sales Gift Card Options window, and the amount due on the transaction is less than the amount of the gift card, then the system will give cash back to the customer for the difference. If cash back is not allowed, the remaining balance will stay on the card until it is used.
NOTE: Leaving the Always Give Cash Back on Gift Card Transactions (POS Only) box unchecked does not effectively block a user from cashing out a card for the full value of the card. Rather, checking this box ensures that the clerk will give cash back at the point that you specify.
In Order Entry, the remaining balance will stay on the card until it is used.
For returns, the system will add the amount of the return back to the gift card. To complete this transaction, the cardholder must have the card or card number at the time of the return.
Available Balance
The amount that is available on the card before you tender the transaction displays in the Available Balance box.
This bar indicates the progress of the tendering process.
Click Authorize to tender the gift card.
Click Cancel to close the window and return to the sale transaction.
If the system doesn’t read the card correctly, you might receive a message indicating the card number was not entered. Select the Rescan button and scan the bar code or enter the card number again.
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