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Sales Coupon/Buy Down Codes window
Coupon / Buy Down Codes are only available if you have Specialty Shop installed. Coupon / Buy Down Codes are special Non-Inventory Codes you can attach to a stock item to indicate that a coupon is being used to purchase all or part of the item. These codes can also be referred to as Buy Down Codes, a term used in the tobacco industry.
Coupon Code
Enter a Coupon Code. Codes can be up to six characters. This code will appear in Lookups.
Enter a description of up to 50 characters for the code. This description will appear in Lookups to help you identify the code.
GL Buy Down Account
If Sales is integrated to General Ledger, or if you are using a Report Only setting, enter the GL Buy Down Account to which the amount identified with this code will post. When posting this transaction, the debit will post to the account you specify here, and the credit will post to the sales income account associated with the item sold. If you are using the Interface Table, enter the GL Key.
Unit Price
Enter the unit price (dollar worth) of the coupon.
Select this check box if the amount associated with this code should be taxed.
Coupon/Buy Down Report
Using IN with Specialty Shop
Modifying or Deleting Codes