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Sales Coupon/Buy Down Report window
This report is only available if you have Specialty Shop installed and can include Order Entry and/or Point of Sale information. Use this report to see the value of coupons and buy downs taken for a specified register or Order Entry batch, Coupon Code, item, or date range. This information is useful when you reconcile coupons and buy down reimbursements you received from tobacco distributors.
Use the check boxes to specify the module(s) to include in the report. The default selection is the check box corresponding to the module from which this window was opened. The default for these check boxes is checked.
Select this check box to include transaction information from the Sales Order Entry window.
Register Sales
Select this check box to include transaction information from the Sales POS Register window.
Transaction Type
Select the type of transactions to be included in the report, either Posted or Unposted.
Posted (Default): select Posted to include only posted transactions in the report. If you select this option, then the Order Batch start and end range will be unavailable.
Unposted: select Unposted to include only current, unposted transactions in the report.
Report Type
Choose either Detailed or Summary from the drop-down list box.
Detailed (Default): the Detailed report shows an itemization of the transactions according to the criteria chosen for the report. This report will also show subtotals if you specify to do so.
Summary: the Summary report shows only totals of the for the report criteria. Subtotals are not available with this option.
This option is only available if you selected Detailed from the Report Type drop-down list. You can subtotal the report by Coupon Code, Item, or Module by selecting your choice from the drop-down list. The default for this option is Coupon Code. If you don’t want the report to show subtotals, select None.
Start and End Ranges: Order Batch, Sales Register, Coupon Code, Item, and Date
Enter the starting and ending data to include in the report. To include a single item, enter the same information in both the Start and End box. To include all items that meet the remaining criteria in the window, leave the default values in the boxes.
The default values for the Order Batch, Sales Register, Coupon Code, and Item boxes are Start and End. The default for the Date Start box is the first day of your fiscal calendar, and the default for the Date End box is the current system date.
If you selected Posted in the Transaction Type drop-down list, or if the Orders check box in the Include section is unchecked, the Order Batch Start and End range will not be available.
Date Range
This drop-down allows you to select a predefined period in which to run the report.  
Coupon/Buy Down Report
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