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Sales Deposit Journal Lookup window
The Deposit Journal Report displays Order Entry work order deposit history using a variety of sort options.
Sort By
Sort the report by Work Order Number or Invoice Number. The default option is Work Order Number.
Start and End Ranges: Customer Number, Date, and Invoice Number / Work Order Number
Enter the range of customers, dates and invoice or work order numbers (depending on which option you chose in the Sort By drop-down list) to include in the report. To report for a single item, enter the same information in the Start and End boxes. To report for all items that meet the remaining criteria in the window, leave the defaults of Start and End in the Customer Number and Invoice Number / Work Order Number boxes, and leave the default dates in the Date boxes. The default for the Date Start box is the first day of your fiscal calendar, and the default for the Date End box is the current system date.
Date Range
This drop-down allows you to select a predefined period in which to run the report.  
Deposit Journal Report
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