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Sales Gift Card Adjustment window
Use this window to adjust the amount of an existing gift card.
Gift Card Number
Enter the gift card number by scanning or typing the bar code number.
Gift Card Amount
Type the amount by which to adjust the gift card. To add the amount to the current balance, use a positive number; to subtract from the amount, use a negative number. For example, to increase a current balance from $5 to $15, type 10. Or, to decrease the current balance from $5 to $0, type -5.
This bar indicates the progress of the authorization process.
Click OK to verify and complete the adjustment. A message will appear showing the gift card number, the prior balance, and the new balance.
Click Cancel to close the window and return to the sale transaction.
If the system doesn’t read the card correctly for some reason, you might get the message “No card number was entered. Please enter a gift card number.” Click Rescan and enter the card number again.
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