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Sales Layaways by Item Report window
Use this report to see what stock items are on layaway. You can select from posted or unposted transactions, and use a variety of filters to see the information you’re looking for.
Include Layaway
Use the check boxes in this group to specify which type(s) of layaways to include in the report. The default is that both check boxes will be checked.
Select this check box to include layaway transactions entered in the Sales Order Entry window.
Register Sales
Select this check box to include layaways entered in the Sales POS Register window.
Transaction Type
Posted: select this option to see transactions that have already posted to history.
Unposted: select this option to see only current, unposted information on the report.
Report Type
Select the level of detail to include in the report, Detailed, Condensed, or Summary:
Detailed (default): the Detailed report shows, for each item included in the report, the stock number, description, layaway number, transaction line number, Salesperson Code, register, customer number, date, module, quantity, price, and extended price. Subtotals are included if specified.
Condensed: the Condensed report shows the total quantity and extended price for each stock item included. No individual transaction information is included.
Summary: the Summary report shows the total quantity of all items sold, along with their total extended price.
This option is only available if you selected Detailed or Condensed as the Report Type. The report can be subtotaled by Inventory Code, Module, Product Type, or Salesperson. Select the method by which you want the report to subtotal from the drop-down list. None is the default option, which means that there will be no subtotals on the report.
Start and End Ranges: Order Batch, Sales Register, Item, and Invoice/Receipt Date
The Start and End boxes allow you to define the range of items to include on the report. You can include a single item by entering the same value in both boxes. These default settings include all items that meet the remaining criteria set in the window. Type in the fields or use the Lookup to make your selections.
The Batch range is only active if you selected Unposted from the Transaction Type drop-down list.
Date Range
This drop-down allows you to select a predefined period in which to run the report.  
Layaway by Item Report
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