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Sales Module Shortcut Error window
When you open Sales POS Register or Sales Order Entry from a shortcut, an error message might appear because the software doesn’t know if you want to open the Sales POS Register window or the Sales Order Entry window.
To correct this problem:
1 Right-click on the icon and select Properties.
2 In the Target field of the Shortcut tab enter one of the following parameters based on which window you want to access:
-sp (POS)
- or -
-so (OE)
The Target field should look similar to the following:
"C:\Program Files\Cougar Mountain Software\Denali\CMSSales32.exe" -sp (to link the shortcut to the Sales POS Register window).
You will most likely just have to add -so or -sp to the end of the text already in the field.
Please note that there is a space before the hyphen in the text string.