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Sales Order Entry window: Transaction Totals
The bottom of the Sales Order Entry window shows the totals for the current transaction, along with the button to complete the order.
This is the total of the current transaction, excluding tax and freight.
Deposit will only appear for Work Order transactions where a deposit has been attached, or if the transaction is an Invoice that was converted from a Work Order that had a deposit attached to it. The Deposit Total is the total of all the deposits made on the Work Order, including any that are being made with the current transaction, minus any refunded deposits.
This is the total sales tax for the current transaction.
This is the total of all freight charges for the current transaction.
Total Weight (lbs.)
This is the total weight of all items in the transaction.
Transaction Total
This is the total amount due for the current transaction.
This is the total amount tendered for this transaction.
The balance is the transaction total minus the tendered or deposit total.
Tender / Deposit / Done / Save / Save/Print
For Invoice transactions, this button reads Tender, and will open the window you’ll use to tender the transaction. See Tendering a Sale or the Sales Transaction Closeout window for more information about tendering sales.
For Hold, Quote, or Work Order transactions, this button reads Done, and selecting it will print the transaction. If the Allow Deposits check box is checked in Module Preferences, this button reads Deposit.
If you selected the Exclude POS Options check box in Order Entry Module Preferences, the Save and Save/Print buttons will appear in addition to the Tender button. To save time, you can save or save and print transactions directly from the Entry window if any of the following are true:
it’s a hold, quote, or work order
there is a zero balance
the payment method is cash or AR Charge and you haven’t previously tendered the transaction
If you use AvaTax and you entered a number in the Tax Display Time field in the Set Up Integration window, when you save your transaction through a method other than the Transaction Closeout window, a message will appear that displays the tax amount and transaction total for the sale.