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Sales Back Order Tracking Report window
Sales must be integrated to Inventory for this report option to appear on the Reporting menu. The Back Order Tracking report identifies a specified range of back order invoices awaiting inventory. The report can be sorted by stock number or customer number.
Sort By
Select the method by which you want to sort the report, either by Customer Number (default option) or by Stock Number.
Start and End Ranges: Customer Number, Date, Invoice/Receipt, and Stock Number
These boxes allow you to define the range of items to include on the report. You can include a single item by entering the same value in both boxes. These settings will include all items that meet the remaining criteria in the window. The defaults for Customer Number, Invoice/Receipt, and Stock Number are Start and End. The default for the Date Start is the first date of your fiscal calendar, and the default for the Date End is the current system date.
Date Range
This drop-down allows you to select a predefined period in which to run the report.  
Back Order Tracking Report
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