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Sales POS Quick Access Bar: History
Select History from the Quick Access Bar for tools to access the current customer’s financial, sales, and transaction history information as described below. The buttons on this slide-out menu are only enabled if Sales is integrated to Accounts Receivable, and a customer is selected.
Financial History
Select this button to display the current customer’s financial history information. This will include the customer’s balance forward amount, credit limit, last charge and payment information, and collection information. When the financial history information is visible, click the Continue button next to the Customer Number to close the financial history information and return to the customer billing and shipping address information section.
Sales History
Select this button to view the current customer’s sales history information. This includes transaction information such as invoice number, date, item(s) purchased, quantities, and unit and extended price information. This is especially helpful if a customer wants to purchase something they have purchased before, but doesn’t remember exactly what it was called, or you don’t have any in stock. You can look at their sales history and add items directly to the current sales transaction. You can also drill down to a specific invoice by clicking the magnifying-glass icon to the left of the transaction detail line. See the Sales History <Customer> window for information on how to do this.
Customer Transaction History
Select this button to see the current customer’s transaction history information, as contained on the Tran History tab of the customer’s AR Customers window.
Viewing Financial Information
Viewing Transaction History Information