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Preparing Payments Automatically
You can automatically generate payment transactions based on bills you entered and posted. After you prepare payments for the bills you want to pay, you can go back and make any modifications to those transactions before you continue.
When you prepare payments automatically, you can choose to make payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT), by check, or both.
To generate payments automatically:
1 In Accounts Payable, select Payment Tasks > Pay Bills Automatically from the left navigation pane. The AP Prepare Payments Automatically window will open.
If you use batch processing and you aren’t already working in a batch, select a batch or create a new one and click OK.
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2 Select the criteria for the payments you want to create.
3 Select OK to generate the transactions.
After the transactions are generated, a message appears that indicates how many payments were generated. You can view and edit them as necessary by using the AP Adjust/Pay Bills window.