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Use the Export Feature to View File Formats
One way we suggest you verify the correct format you need to import an external file is to first export. This will allow you to see what is required for the type of file you will import. To verify the requirements for your external file format, you need to have at least one record (e.g., stock item, customer, or account) in your system, and then run the export feature.
To verify required file formats:
1 In the module for which you want to import or export transactions, select the export option from the left navigation pane.
The Import/Export window appears.
2 From the drop-down menu, select Export as the type of transfer.
3 Select the type of file that is like the type you want to import, the method, and the format of the file you will also use for the import process.
4 Type the path to the file or use the ellipsis button to browse for the output file name and path for this test export.
5 Once you enter the information for this transfer, select the Begin Export button.
When the process is complete, you will have a reference of what is required for the transfer options you selected. You can then use this export file as a guide to set up the file format for the data you will import.
Published date: 06/04/2021