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Working with the Conversion Reports
Pre-Conversion Data Checklist
Denali Integration Status Report
Codes or Values Added Report
During the conversion process, a few reports might appear that detail different steps of the conversion. The Pre-Conversion Data Checklist might require you to correct data in CMS Professional before you continue with the conversion. It is important that you view and/or print the reports that appear. This topic contains an explanation and sample of each report.
You can also access some of the conversion reports in the Controller module after you complete the process by selecting Reports > Conversion from the menu bar. This menu option is only accessible if a report is available to view and if you have security rights. Remember, not all reports are available after the process; for this reason, we highly recommend you print any report that is available during the process for reference purposes.
If you wish to remove the auto-generated report from a submenu, select the Remove Conversion Reports option.