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GL Budget Management Creation window
Use this budget creation wizard to create a new budget.
Budget Code 
Enter a new Budget Code of up to 10 characters.
Enter a description of up to 50 characters for this budget.
From the drop-down, select the year of the budget you’re creating. You will be able to choose from the current year to the last year of your fiscal calendar.
Click this button to move to the next wizard window.
Create a new budget from scratch 
Click this radio button to create your budget from scratch and not from a previous budget or an external file.
Account Range 
In the Start and End fields enter the account number or range of accounts you want to include in the budget.
Segment Filter
This filter is only available if you have segmented accounts.
Segment To Filter 
From the drop-down, select which account segment you want to filter.
Segment Range 
In the Start and End fields, enter the segment number or segment range you want to include.
Copy from a previous budget 
Click this radio button if you want to copy the new budget from a previous budget.
Use the Lookup to choose the budget you want to copy.
Import from an external file 
Click this radio button if you want to create your budget based on an external .csv or .xml file.
Enter the path or use the browse button to access the file you want to import.
Click this button to move to the last window of the Budget Creation wizard.
Choose Data Source 
From the drop-down, choose the source of the initial values for the budget rows. The options depend on the data that is available and can include: Set budgets to zero, YYYY actuals, Budget <XXXX> fiscal year YYYY, or Imported file year N.
Increase/Decrease Amounts By % 
If you want to adjust all the amounts that will be added up or down by a percentage, enter the percent here. You can enter -100 to 1000.
Click this button to finish the wizard and add your budget information to the main window. You can click the Return to Create Budget button to go back to the wizard and make adjustments to your budget. You can also make changes to the budget in the Budget Grid before you finalize and save it.
Published date: 03/18/2020