GeneralLedgerCS > General Ledger > Chart of Accounts menu > GL Budget Management window > GL Budget Management window: Import/Export Tab
GL Budget Management window: Import/Export Tab
Use the Import/Export tab to import and export budget data. You can only import and export .csv or.xml files.
New Budget Code 
Enter a Budget Code up to 10 characters. When you import budget data, the budget will be saved with this Budget Code.
From the drop-down, select the year for the budget. You can choose from the current year to the last year of your fiscal calendar.
If you want to add a description for this budget, enter up to 50 characters. You can leave this blank.
Import From 
Enter the path or use the browse button to access the file you want to import.
Begin Import 
Click this button to import the data and open the Budget Management Creation window where you can choose if you want to increase or decrease the budget amounts over actuals.
Export To 
Enter the filename you want to create with the export.
Begin Export 
Click this button to export the budget. You can only export years within the fiscal calendar.
Published date: 03/19/2020