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GL Accounts window: Attachments tab
You can use the Attachments tab to add attachments to the selected account.
Once a file is attached, you can double-click in the row to open the file.
This field shows the location of the attached file. Use the browse button to access the file you want to attach.
Enter a description of the attached file. You can enter up to 50 characters.
Last Modified 
This field is informational only and displays the date this attachment was added or last modified.
Select this check box if you want to publish the file to the SQL server for the company you’re logged into. The file size must be 2GB or less. The server location is defined in Controller. Anyone with access to the server location will have access to the file. If you leave the check box unchecked, only users with access to the default (local) location will have access to the file.
You can deselect this check box to unpublish the file from the server.
Right-click menu
You can right-click on a row to open a menu with the following options:
Select this option to open the attachment.
Delete Row 
Select this option to delete this file from the grid and the server.
This option is only available if the selected file is published. This removes the published copy from the server, but leaves the file in the grid. Users with rights to the file path still have access to the file.
Published date: 03/18/2020