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GL Process Allocations window
Processing Allocation Codes is useful for recurring transactions that split the opposing entries among different accounts.
Start and End Ranges: Allocation Code, Frequency Code, and Period 
The Start and End boxes allow you to define the range of items to include on the report. You can include a single item by entering the same value in both boxes. The default for the Start boxes is Start, and the default for the End boxes is End. These default settings will include all items that meet the remaining criteria set in the window.
The default for both Period boxes is the Current Period as defined in your fiscal calendar.
If you are generating for multiple periods, the result will depend on whether the Current or Designated option is selected in the Allocation Code window.
Current: The system will post the generated transaction once, to the date specified at the time the allocations are generated. This is the default option.
Designated: The system will post one transaction for each period in the range you designate at the time the transactions are generated.
Journal Entry Date 
When generating transactions for a single period, enter the date to be used for the transaction. This will determine the period into which the transaction posts. The default for this date is the current system date.
If you are generating transactions for more than one period, the dates used for past periods will be the last date of each of the past periods. For transactions that are generated into the present period, the date used will be the date you enter here.
Create Report from Generated Transactions 
If this check box is selected, then once the transactions are generated, a report will appear showing the transactions that were created. If the check box is not checked, a report will not appear, but the generated transactions will be in the batch so you can include them when running the Edit Report. By default this option is unchecked.
Published date: 03/18/2020