Correcting Journal Entry Errors
Any errors you find on your Journal Entry Edit Report are easy to correct before you post. The information in this section provides instructions to correct a transaction in a batch.
If the errors found are generated from importing an external file, see Correcting Errors in the External File or Correcting Errors in the Imported Batch for assistance. If you find an error in a transaction that is already posted, you need to post an adjustment transaction (see Adjusting Journal Entries After Posting).
To correct a transaction:
1 In General Ledger, select Transaction > Enter / Edit Transactions from the left navigation pane.
Click thumbnail to view Business image.
Click thumbnail to view Fund image.
2 Select the Find button and in the Lookup, highlight and select the transaction you need to correct.
3 Select Edit.
4 Make the desired corrections to the transaction and then select Save to keep the corrections.
Published date: 04/08/2020