Merging Accounts
There might be times when you need to merge existing accounts, for example, you might decide you don’t need to have two expense accounts because you now only purchase from one vendor instead of two. Whatever the reason, you can use the Renumber Accounts option to merge two existing accounts. This option allows you to merge two general ledger account numbers and update all the transactions (posted or unposted) throughout the system with these account numbers. This includes transactions in open batches or instances of these account numbers in other modules.
To merge two existing accounts:
1 In General Ledger, select Chart of Accounts > Renumber / Merge Accounts from the left navigation pane.
Click thumbnail to view larger image.
2 In the Old Account box, select the account you want to merge into another account.
This account will no longer exist once this process is complete.
3 In the New Account box, select the account into which you want to merge the information from another account.
This account will remain after the merge is complete.
Published date: 04/08/2020