Viewing Accounts in the Budget Grid
We tried to make the Budget Grid easy to read, but there are a few things that might help you quickly read your budget information.
You can make the window as large as you want by resizing it.
You can change the width of all the columns by dragging the column borders.
You must be in Edit mode to scroll in the grid.
With the options on the General tab, you can filter the accounts in the grid. You can select an account or range of accounts to view, which years to display, and if you want to see the Original Budget or Remaining columns.
Grid cells can be five colors with each color representing something different. Rows alternate colors to improve readability, so a color might look darker or lighter one row to the next.
White/Pale blue: Finalized cells.
Yellow: Unfinalized cells.
Green: Cells that have exceeded100% or more of the budget on a revenue account.
Red: Cells that have exceeded 100% or more of the budget on an expense account (if no prevent posting limit is active).
Orange: Cells that have exceeded a warning limit.
You cannot delete finalized rows in the grid. To delete unfinalized rows, right-click on the row you want to delete and click Delete Row. To delete multiple rows at once, select the rows using SHIFT or CTRL, right-click, and choose Delete Selected Rows.This can be useful if you add account rows to a finalized budget just for comparison and then want to delete them out.
(Fund product only) If your fund calendars are different than your fiscal calendar, periods will correspond to the fund calendar, not the fiscal calendar. So if your fund calendar starts in June, Period 1 will be in June for that fund. Use the tooltips in the grid to see which month(s) a period includes.
Published date: 04/08/2020