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Denali Release Notes
Denali by Cougar Mountain is designed according to our advanced knowledge of business accounting and based on the suggestions of customers like you. In addition to providing a flexible and robust product, we strive to keep you up to date on the software’s functionality in order to maximize your productivity with the software. Release Notes is one way that we communicate about the software’s functionality.
Please note that all Denali modules are documented in the user’s guides, embedded online help, and web help as though all modules are installed and fully integrated. What you see may be different depending on what you have purchased and installed. Contact your Cougar Mountain Software account executive about purchasing additional modules or enhancements to get the most out of your software.
Check our Customer Service Center for the latest information on Denali.
Please be sure to review the Release Notes to ensure that you are aware of all information that is applicable to your product(s).
NOTE: In Denali, security access is denied by default for all users. It is up to you to determine and set the level of access you want for each user. When features or functions are added or changed, access to these features is reset to the default setting. In other words, no users will have access to the area or feature until you change the security setting(s). Review the Release Notes carefully and update your security settings as needed. For information about setting up security, see the Controller guide or online help.
Published date: 03/31/2021