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Other Denali Notes
These are minor issues and may not affect the way you use Denali; however, for your convenience and information they are presented here.
AP Debt Report Changes
If you’re looking for information that used to be on the AP Debt Report, you will find it on the Aging Report.
Audit Trail Balance Forward Totals Might Differ in Converted Data
When you convert CMS Professional data to Denali, the balance forward totals on the Denali Audit Trail Report might be different than the same totals on the CMS Professional report. This is because Denali calculates the balance forward totals differently. The totals are accurate.
Cash Back and Gratuities Unavailable for Debit/Credit Card Transactions
Although TSYS® Transport™ (formerly Cayan) can be set up to both give cash back on debit card transactions and handle gratuities, Denali does not currently track these transactions. We recommend you do not enable this functionality in TSYS Transport.
Certain Codes with Blank Passwords Require Reset After Upgrade
If you are upgrading Denali and the password field is blank for a Salesperson or Buyer code, Denali will assign a password to the code. To reset this password to blank, browse to:
Buyer Code: Purchase Order > Options > Codes > Buyer
Salesperson Code: Sales > Options > Codes > Salesperson
Select the code for which you want to reset the password and select Edit. Delete the password Denali assigned to the code and save. You will now be able to log in using the blank password.
Checks Must be Manually Authorized
Currently, check authorization is not handled through TSYS. Instead, you must manually authorize checks in the Sales Transaction Closeout window. If you use check processing software, the data will not automatically update in Denali.
Custom Reports After Upgrade
After upgrading to Version 10, you might notice problems with custom AR Statements and custom Budget Reports. If you have a problem please contact our support team at (800) 390-7053 for assistance.
Navigation Bar Options Do Not Go Directly to Window Tab
When you select an option from the left navigation pane that should open a specific Module Preferences tab, it instead opens to the General tab. Once the window appears, click the tab you want to view.
Preprinted 1099 and 1096 Laser Forms Work with HP1100 Driver
If your preprinted 1099 and/or 1096 laser forms do not align correctly, download the latest HP1100 driver to correct this issue.
Running AR Statements with eDelivery
If you use eDelivery and add a new balance forward customer, you need to run an AR Statement in Denali first and enter the Balance Forward Date in the Balance Forward Customers window. After you run the statement in Denali the first time, you can run it in eDelivery from then on.
Published date: 06/24/2020