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Sales Repair Point of Sale Register Utility window
Repairing the register eliminates errors in the transaction register. Data corruption can occur due to power outage, system failure, etc. If the Transaction Edit Report does not match the Sales Balance Point of Sale Register window, rebuild the register before writing off the difference as an overage or shortage. The process may take a considerable amount of time depending on the size of the register files (number of transactions).
Register to Rebuild
Select the register you want to rebuild from the drop-down list. Only registers with a status of Closed appear in the list. If a register is balanced, but does not match the Edit Report, you must first activate the register before rebuilding it.
To activate a register so that it appears in the drop-down list, you will have to exit the rebuild window, select Point of Sale Tasks > Enter Sales from the navigation pane, and then choose the desired register. A warning message appears indicating that the register is balanced. Select Yes, and when the Sales POS Register window appears, select Transaction > Exit. The register is now available for repair and you can select it from this drop-down.
Start Validation
Select this button to begin the rebuilding process. If you have not yet selected a batch to rebuild, this button will be disabled and the message, “No open batches available to validate” will be in view.
Automatically repair tables on detection of error
Select this check box to automatically fix the errors as they occur rather than prompting you for every fix.
Save Output To Log File
Select this check box to save the log file to ERRLOG.TXT so that you can review the errors that were detected and any action taken.
Working with Discrepancies in Register Totals