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Sales Set Up Sales Entry Layout window: Closeout tab
Use this tab to define the way you want to close each sales transaction.
Text for Closeout Button
Type the text that you want to appear on the button that the clerk will select to close a sale transaction. As with the Header and Detail prompts, you can specify a Hot Key by typing the ampersand (&) immediately before the character that will be the Hot Key. For example, if you want the text for the Closeout button to be Done, and you want the Hot Key to be ALT+D, type &Done in the Text for Closeout Button field.
Default Tender
Enter the default tender method to use for the sale when the clerk selects the Tender button in the entry screen.
Alternate Default Tender
Select the tender method to use if the primary default tender method fails. For example, if Credit Card is your default tender method, but the customer for the current transaction isn’t permitted to pay using a credit card based on his AR Customers window settings, then the method in this field will be used. If the methods specified in both the Default Tender and Alternate Default Tender fields fail, then the tender method will default to Cash.