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Configuring 3dCart for Denali Integration
To use 3dCart with Denali, you must set up the API settings in 3dCart to allow Denali to access it.
To configure the API settings:
1 After you log into 3dCart, click Modules from the left menu.
2 Navigate down to the REST API icon and click Settings.
3 Click Add in the upper right corner.
4 In the Public Key box that opens, enter 32bf15227c9a6fce07abebff94d3e791.
5 Click Save.
Denali is now added as an application in 3dCart. After you complete this, contact the Cougar Mountain Software Operations department at (800) 390-7053 or email to let them know 3dCart is connected to Denali and you need your Denali token. Cougar Mountain will then send you a unique token that you need to enter in the Denali Sales Set Up 3dCart window.
We recommend you leave your browser window open so you can copy your store website name from 3dCart and paste it into Denali.
Published date: 10/11/2021