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Importing Orders from 3dCart to Denali
After you have orders in 3dCart, you can import them to Denali. Orders imported from 3dCart will automatically post to the accounts you set up in the Sales Set Up 3dCart Integration. You cannot edit the orders or change the accounts they post to. Be sure the orders you import are ready to post. Any order corrections should be made in 3dCart before you import into Denali.
To import orders from 3dCart:
1 In Sales, select Order Entry Tasks > Import Orders from 3dCart from the left navigation pane.
Click thumbnail for larger view of image.
2 Enter the range of transaction dates for the orders you want to import.
3 Enter the range of customer email addresses and invoice numbers you want to import. If you want to import all orders for the selected dates, leave the fields blank.
4 Select OK to begin the import.
An Edit report appears during the import process so you can make sure the orders are correct. If you find any errors, cancel the import, correct the errors in 3dCart, and import the orders again.
Published date: 10/11/2021