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Voiding Credit Card Transactions
There might be times when you need to void a posted credit card transaction. You can do this through the AP Adjust/Pay Bills window. If you need to void a check or an electronic payment, see Voiding Checks and EFT Transactions for more information.
To void a posted credit card transaction:
1 In Accounts Payable, select Payment Tasks > Adjust / Pay Bills Manually from the left navigation pane.
If you use batch processing, select an active batch or create a new one.
Click thumbnail to view Business image.
Click thumbnail to view Fund image.
2 Select Pymt Correction - Credit Card from the Transaction Type drop-down list.
3 Enter the vendor and payment information for this transaction. You can use the Lookups to find the credit card reference number and credit card vendor.
4 In the detail grid, enter the reference to be reflected in future lookups for this correction. If you need to look up this transaction for payment in the future, you will look it up by the entry in the Reference To Pay box.
5 (Fund product only) Select the fund affected by the original payment.
6 Enter the full amount of the original transaction.
7 Select Save to save this transaction.