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Data Conversion Outcomes
Codes and/or Values
Frequency Codes
User Rights
Inventory Lot Numbers
Module Integration
Once the data validation is complete, the system automatically starts the data conversion process. If at any time during this process you select the Cancel button in the CMS Professional to Denali Conversion window, the process will stop. You can then either select the Cancel button to completely stop the conversion process, or select the Validate/Convert Data button to continue with the process. During the conversion process, the following occurs:
the system adds codes and/or values into the appropriate tables (see Codes and/or Values)
the system combines frequency codes into a global table (see Frequency Codes)
the system attempts to assign user rights (see User Rights)
the system assigns an expiration date of 1/1/2000 to lot numbered stock items if they don’t already have an expiration date (see Inventory Lot Numbers)
the system attempts to integrate modules (see Module Integration)