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Module Integration
Integrating the Modules Automatically
Integrating the Modules Manually
Integrating the Modules Fails
During the conversion process, the system automatically attempts to set your integration settings at the same level as they are in the CMS Professional program. The two possible outcomes for this part of the process are:
The modules are integrated automatically.
The modules require manually setting the integration.
Each of these possibilities are covered in detail in the topic links available.
If you use both components of the Sales module (Order Entry and Point of Sale) in Denali, there are two options for how your integration to Accounts Payable will be set by default. If you were using both Order Entry and Point of Sale in CMS Professional and each module had a different integration setting to Accounts Payable, integration to Accounts Payable will be off for both components in Denali. If you used only either Order Entry or Point of Sale in CMS Professional, the integration to Accounts Payable for both components in Denali is the same as it was for the module you were using in CMS Professional.