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Print Out Valuable Reports
To help you ensure your data converts correctly, we highly recommend you print out the following reports in CMS Professional before you start the conversion process. Review the report(s) for each module you plan to convert to Denali.
Accounts Payable: Aging Report, Control Report, 1099-MISC Report (1099 Summary)
Accounts Receivable: Aged Analysis Report (Summary), Control Report
Bank Reconciliation: Bank Register Report (Summary)
General Ledger: Audit Trail Report, Trial Balance Report
Inventory: Control Report, On Hand Report (Detail for MLI only)
Payroll: Employee History Report, EFTPS History Report, W-2s
Purchase Order: Open PO Report
Sales (OE): Sales History Report
Sales (POS): Register Codes Report, Sales History Report, Sales Tax Report
After conversion, print out the same reports in Denali to verify the accuracy of your data. On the GL Audit Trail Report in Denali, the balance forward total reflects the sum of the balance forward amounts that appear on the actual report; whereas for CMS Professional, this same total reflects the balance forward amounts even if they do not appear on the actual report.
When you finish all of the recommended preparation processes, continue to Conversion Process. If not, complete the remaining processes before starting conversion.