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Troubleshooting Options
At times, problems or errors can occur that are simple to fix without contacting Customer Support. Here we indicate some common problems that might occur during the conversion process and ways to correct them. To view possible outcomes (not necessarily errors) that might occur during the conversion process, see Data Validation Outcomes and Data Conversion Outcomes.
To fix this:
Try this:
I am unable to select a module check box in the CMS Professional to Denali Conversion window.
First verify that you have the proper licensing key(s) for the module in Denali.
If you do, verify that the module in CMS Professional has data associated with it and was not previously converted (see Converting a Previously Converted Organization).
I previously converted my CMS Professional organization data, but when I attempt to reconvert it, I get an error message.
Once you convert existing CMS Professional data into a Denali organization code, you cannot reconvert into the same code. You must either delete the existing Denali organization code from the server and workstation(s) or convert into a different organization code (see Converting a Previously Converted Organization).
After converting my CMS Professional data, my custom reports are no longer available.
Custom reports for CMS Professional are created using Report Writer, which is not compatible with Denali. You must recreate your custom reports using Crystal Reports. If you purchased this third-party product with your Denali product(s), refer to the documentation that accompanied it for information on creating custom reports. If you wish to purchase this product now, contact your account executive at (800) 388-3038.
My CMS Professional Credit Card Codes did not convert into Denali.
If your CMS Professional Credit Card Codes were created prior to version 5.0 (June 2000) and the credit card type was not updated before conversion, you must recreate the codes in Denali.
After converting my CMS Professional data to Denali, I am unable to use my authorization software and/or device(s).
Verify that your device and/or authorization settings are accurate. During conversion to Denali, these settings are deleted and you need to redefine them. Refer to the documentation available for Denali product(s) for instructions.
After converting my Payroll CMS Professional data, I get an error message in Denali that direct deposit is set up using the old NPC format.
This error occurs if you had set up NPC in CMS Professional. The NPC format is no longer used. To prevent this error message from appearing, in Denali Payroll open the Module Preferences Direct Deposit tab. In the Identification field, enter the proper value (or any value if you will not be using direct deposit) and save. After you save, the error message will no longer appear.
Depending on the issue you are having with the conversion, you might need to contact your IT Specialist or Cougar Mountain Customer Support at (800) 390-7053. If you would like to offer suggestions for additions to this topic, please email us at