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GL Generate Recurring Journal Entries window
This option is only available if you have the Activate multi-batch mode check box selected in Module Preferences.
Before you can generate Recurring transactions, you must set up a recurring batch into which you will enter your transactions. See Establishing Recurring Transactions for further explanation.
NOTE: When generating Recurring transactions, you must first select a non-recurring batch from the list in the GL Generate Recurring Journal Entries window, or you can search for a batch into which to generate the transactions.
Search For Batch / Search For Identity 
Select the batch which contains the recurring transaction by either typing the batch number or by finding the desired batch in the grid and double-clicking it. Selecting the Search button will change and toggle the search between Search For Batch and Search For Identity. You can select one or more batches from which to generate recurring transactions.
Select this check box to generate transactions from the Recurring transactions in the selected batch(es).
The Batch column displays the number of all the available recurring batches.
The Identity column displays the name of the user who created the batch and the time the batch was created.
By default the Date column displays the system date. This can be edited and this is the date all the recurring transactions will be created for.
Generate New Posting Reference Numbers 
If you want the system to generate new posting reference numbers for the new transactions automatically, select this check box. If you want to edit the transactions first and have the ability to enter your own posting references, leave the check box unchecked. The default option for this check box is unchecked.
Click this button to create the entries from the Recurring transactions you have selected.
Click the Search button to toggle between the two search options of searching by Identity or searching by Batch. When the Search button is selected, the box label above the list of batches will switch between Search For Batch and Search For Identity.
Published date: 03/18/2020