GL Select Batch window
The Select Batch option is only available if you are using multi-batch processing. In order to use multi-batch processing, the Activate multi-batch mode check box on the General tab of the GL Module Preferences window must be checked. If this check box is selected, you will be prompted to either set up a new batch or select an existing one each time you select Journal Entry from the Journal menu. Refer to GL Set Up Batch window for information on setting up a new batch.
The Batch box contains the batch number, which is a six-character identifier and is assigned automatically by the software. The Batch box also contains the batch identity, which is also assigned automatically by the software, but can be changed to suit your needs. The identity assigned automatically by the system includes the User ID and the time the batch was created.
Select this button to create a new batch instead of choosing an existing batch. You may want to do this if, for instance, you want to create a group of entries that you can post separately from other entries.
Published date: 03/18/2020