GL Set Up Batch window
The Set Up Batch option is only available if you are using multi-batch processing. In order to use multi-batch processing, the Activate multi-batch mode check box on the General tab of the Module Preferences window must be checked.
Batch Number 
The batch number is a six-character identifier and is assigned automatically by the software. This information will appear on batch lookups and on edit and posting reports.
The identity is assigned automatically by the software, but you can change it to suit your needs. The identity includes the User ID and the time the batch was created. The batch identity appears in batch lookups and on edit and posting reports.
Recurring Batch (multi-batch mode only)
Select this check box to make the batch a recurring entry batch. A recurring batch will not be posted, but contains recurring entries that can then be pulled into another nonrecurring batch and then posted. See Establishing Recurring Transactions for more information.
Date Created 
This is automatically set by the software and reflects the date the batch was initially created. You cannot modify this date.
This indicates the number of transactions in the batch and cannot be edited. If you are using this window to delete a batch, this field must show zero.
Published date: 03/18/2020