GeneralLedgerCS > General Ledger > Chart of Accounts menu > GL Set Up Funds window (Fund product only)
GL Set Up Funds window (Fund product only)
Use this window to define the funds for you organization.
Fund Number 
Enter the number for the fund you want to create or edit, or use the Lookup to select a fund number that was previously saved. You must enter a number in this field to save the fund and you must save the fund before you can enter information on the General Ledger Accounts tab.
Enter a description for the fund. This description appears on Lookups and in some reports.
Fund Transfer Type 
From the drop-down, select the fund type from the following options:
Restricted: Select this option to disallow posting across funds.
Due to/Due From: Select this option to create due to/due from transactions which keep the funds in balance.
Unrestricted: Select this option to allow posting across funds. This option does not force the funds to be in balance.
Fund Starting Date 
This date sets the beginning of the fiscal calendar for this fund. The options in the drop-down depend on whether you are using multiple fiscal calendars. You can either choose from the first period in each year of the fiscal calendar (not using multiple fiscal calendars) or the beginning date for each period in the fiscal calendar (using multiple fiscal calendars).
Once you save the fund, this field cannot be edited. When you close the fund year, this date rolls to the same month and day for the following year.
Present Period 
This field is informational only and displays the current period with the corresponding date range based on the fiscal calendar.
Last Processed 
This field is informational only and shows the last date this fund was closed.
Date to Release from Restricted Status 
This field is only available if the Fund Transfer Type is set to Restricted. Enter the date that this fund is no longer restricted. This field is optional.
Published date: 03/18/2020