Creating Accounts
You can add ledger accounts at any time. Once you save an account, some aspects of it can be modified, but the account number or created date cannot be changed in the GL Accounts window. You can renumber existing accounts to change the account number by using the Renumber GL Accounts command on the General Ledger Account menu (see Renumbering Accounts).
To create a General Ledger account:
1 In General Ledger, select Chart of Accounts > Add / Change Accounts from the left navigation pane.
The GL Accounts window will appear.
Click thumbnail to view Business image.
Click thumbnail to view Fund image.
2 Enter an account number and description, and then select an account type from the Class drop-down.
3 Save the account.
After you post to the accounts, you can use the Detailed History and Period Totals tab to view financial information about a specific account.
If you want to see your General tab selections for each account, you can click the Print button to view the Ledger Account Report.
Published date: 04/08/2020