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Revenue and Expense Report (Fund product only)
The Revenue and Expense Report shows the relationship between the revenue generated and the expenses paid. You can print this report for a specific period or range of periods and can choose a Detailed, Summary, Classified, Comparative Detailed, Comparative Classified, or Drilldown report type (see Options for Report Type). You can also print this report for a specific fund or for all funds.
If you print the drilldown version of this report, you can double-click on any line in the report to see more information. A new report will open that shows the transaction information specific to the line you selected. This can sometimes include several report levels from multiple modules. If history from other modules has been purged, the report that opens will be blank.
You can choose to sort or filter the report with the options available in the window. For more information on the options, see Filter Ranges and Filter Methods.
If you defined a custom report for this window in Controller, you can select the Use a custom report check box and then choose the custom report you want to run from the drop-down. See the Controller guide for more information on setting up custom reports.
You can set up Advanced Report Groups and run an advanced Classified or Comparative Classified Revenue and Expense Report.
You can export this report to CSV format and easily manage your data in Excel®.
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Published date: 04/08/2020