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Understanding Interface Codes
Interface Codes allow you to create a dynamic “interface” between transaction items and the accounts to which they post. When you use Interface Codes, you can set up the software to post to a sales account based on the combination of stock items, customers (or cash), and departments. Interface Codes are comprised of GL Keys (see Using GL Keys) and are stored in the Interface Table. Interface Codes determine which GL accounts are affected when you post.
For example, in Order Entry you could use Interface Codes to set up the software so that depending on the customer purchasing a given stock item, the sales income goes to a separate Accounts Receivable or Cash account, Sales (opposing) account, and Cost of Goods Sold account.
Other examples include the following:
Use different income accounts depending on whether the same item is sold from different sales departments
Use a special sales account when you have a promotion
Set up a code for bad debts
Set up special sales accounts for special products or special customers
You can set up as many Interface Codes as you need for as many types of transactions as your organization requires.
We tried to make the setup and use of Interface Codes as easy as possible. However, this is a complex feature. Follow the guidelines in this section when you begin working with Interface Codes to ensure a smoother process. If you need additional help with this feature, contact Customer Support at (800) 390-7053.
Guidelines for using Interface Codes:
1 Determine if you need Interface Codes.
If you can accomplish what you need without Interface Codes, there is no need to go any further.
2 Review all of the topics provided on Interface Codes.
3 Follow the guidelines and instructions to plan out your strategy before you make any changes to the system.
4 Enter all your Interface Keys in the system.
5 Enter all the Interface Codes and accounts in General Ledger.
6 Test the setup to verify it is posting the way you intend.
You might find it beneficial to create a separate organization in which you can test Interface Codes before you set up the codes in your organization. Refer to Planning Your Organization for information on planning and creating organizations.
Published date: 04/08/2020