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Sales Generate Recurring Orders window
Use this window to generate transactions from existing recurring templates. You can specify which orders to generate based on the customer number, invoice number, or Frequency Code.
Transaction Date
Enter the transaction date on which to generate invoices. Recurring invoices with a Begin Recurring On date in the Order Entry window after this date will not be generated. This date will also control the accounting period into which the transactions post. The default for this box is the current system date.
Start and End Ranges: Customer Number, Invoice Number, and Frequency Code
Enter the starting and ending customer numbers, invoice numbers, and Frequency Codes for which you want to generate invoices from recurring templates. To generate for a single customer, invoice, or Frequency Code, enter the same item in both the Start and End boxes. To generate for all recurring orders, leave the defaults of Start and End.
Use updated information when generating orders from recurring
Select this check box if you want to use updated information when you generate these orders. When you make a price change for a single stock item, or multiple stock items, you can have the system automatically use the new information when generating Order Entry recurring orders. Generated orders will also recalculate sales tax and incorporate some other changes, such as a change to a Terms Code description.
NOTE: The template itself will not be updated using this option. Rather, the updated information will be used when generating the new invoices from the template. To change the template so that it is updated, edit the template itself in the Recurring Batch. For information on how to do this, see Modifying Recurring Order Templates.
Generating Recurring Orders