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Sales History (Customer) window
Use this window to view the selected customer’s sales history and choose items from the sales history to conveniently add to their current transaction.
Search for <column heading>
You can use this field to search for a specific item. Click the column headings in the grid to change the search option to search items in that column; you can search any of the columns. As you type information in the search field, the system will move through the Historical Data for Customer grid and highlight the matching line item (or closest match, if nothing matches) the data you type.
Sales History
Use this grid to see what items the customer purchased in the past, and to easily include these items in the current transaction. Invoices are initially listed in ascending order by invoice number. The information in this grid is for reference only, and cannot be changed.
Using your mouse, you can drag detail line items from the top grid to the bottom grid, or you can select line items and use the Include button to include them in the bottom grid.
To sort the items in the grid by a specific column, click the column title. To change the sort order, click the column title again.
You can also click the icon to the left of a line item to open either the Reprint Receipts Report (POS) or Invoices From History Report (OE) for the selected customer and transaction only. From the view window, you can print the report for future use.
This column will show the invoice number for each invoice in the customer’s history in ascending order. Invoices can be listed more than once because there is one entry for each detail line on each invoice.
This is the date of the transaction.
This column shows the line items on the listed transactions. There is a separate line for each detail item on each transaction.
This is the description of the item in the Item field of this detail line.
This is the quantity of the item in the Item field that were sold or returned with this transaction.
This is the unit price of the item in the Item field on this detail line.
Extended Price
This is the extended price for the detail line, after taking any discounts or special pricing into account.
Once you selected the line item(s) from history that you want to include in the current transaction, use this button to copy them to the lower grid.
Use this button to remove selected line(s) from the bottom grid.
Items to add to the current transaction
This grid will show the historical detail items that will be added to the current transaction. With the exception of the Quantity column, the information in this grid cannot be changed. To sort by a different column, click the title of the column. To reverse the sort order, click the title again.
This column shows the line items on the listed transactions. The items that are listed in this section of the window will be added to the current transaction.
This column shows the description of the item in the Item column.
This column shows the quantity of the current line item that will be added to the current transaction. This is the only field in the grid that can be edited. You can specify the quantity of this line item to add to the current transaction. Alternatively, you can add the same quantity that was sold in the top grid, and then change the quantity in the transaction grid after closing this history window.
Click OK to close this window and add any items in the Specified items to add to transaction to the current transaction. Click Cancel to close the window without adding any items from history to the transaction.
Purging Sales History
Sales History Report