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Sales Import Orders from 3dCart window
Use this window to import your orders from 3dCart into Denali.
Start and End: Transaction Date, Customer Email, Invoice Number
Enter the starting and ending range of dates, customer email addresses, and/or invoice numbers you want to import from 3dCart.
When you import invoice numbers from 3dCart, they will be assigned a new invoice number in Denali. This prevents duplicate invoice numbers in Denali. You can reprint invoices from history to view the 3dCart invoice number.
Create new customers from import
This option is only available if you are integrated to Accounts Receivable. Select this check box if you want to create new customers in Denali when you import orders from 3dCart.
If there is no customer in Denali with the email address listed in 3dCart, a new customer will be created in Denali, and the email address in 3dCart will become the Denali Customer Number.
If you do not select this check box and there is no matching customer email address in Denali, the order will import as a cash sale.
This option will create records in Denali for all 3dCart customers, regardless of whether they are attached to an order you are currently importing.
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