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Sales Register Codes window: Misc. tab
The Misc. tab allows you to select the sales entry layout for this register.
The Misc. tab is also where you specify the Terminal Number for use with credit card verification software, and whether to use Scanner Mode or Keyboard Mode as the default item entry method for the register.
POS Register Layout
Select the POS Register Layout to use with this register from the Lookup. The description for the layout will appear automatically to the right of the Layout Code.
Terminal Number
The Terminal Number is used to specify which register should receive the credit card authorization or decline information if you are using tender authorization software. For example, if you have three registers that are all using credit card authorization software, this Terminal Number specifies which register sent the request for authorization, and which register should receive the authorization or decline information.
Get Next Terminal
If you are using credit card authorization software, select the Get Next Terminal button to assign a Terminal Number to this register. The Terminal Number directs authorization activity to and from the selected register.
Default to Scanner Mode
Select this check box to automatically set the selected register to Scanner Mode when entering sales. If the check box is left unchecked, then the register will default to Keyboard Mode. A keyboard or a scanner can be used in either mode. The only difference between them is that in Keyboard Mode, the cursor moves to the Quantity field after the item is entered, so that the clerk can enter the quantity being sold.
In Scanner Mode, the cursor moves to the Item field on the next detail line, so the system is ready for the clerk to scan the next item. This is because when a clerk is using a scanner, it is common to scan each item with multiple quantity, whereas if the clerk is keying the item in on a keyboard, it is more common to type the quantity that is being purchased.
Default Location
This field is only visible of you have Multi-Location Inventory installed and shows the default inventory Location Code for items sold from this register. The way in which the default is used is controlled in the Sales Order Entry Preferences and Sales Point of Sale Preferences windows.
Setting Up Your Registers
Customizing the Sales Entry window