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GL Advanced Filter Codes window
Use Advanced Filter Codes to define groups of accounts that you want to appear together on Budget Reports, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements or Revenue and Expense Reports. By using these codes, you can quickly and easily print reports for predefined groups of accounts.
Filter Code 
The Filter Code is the code by which this filter will be identified throughout the system, and can consist of up to six alphanumeric characters. This code will appear in Advanced Filter Code Lookups.
The Description can be up to 50 characters and further identifies the code. This description appears in Lookups.
Only accounts that match the specified filter criteria in the filter will appear on the report. Wildcards (* ?) establish the filter parameters. Substitute a (?) for any one character in the account number, or an (*) for any number of characters. For example, to include all four-digit accounts beginning with a 1, enter 1??? in the Filter box. To include all accounts that end in 02, enter *02.
Print Description on Report 
Select this check box if you want the description in the Description box to appear on General Ledger reports that use this Advanced Filter Code. The default for this check box is checked.
Published date: 03/18/2020